not tru I was coerced into the caption

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only children we ever will have @hedonisticalien

reunion with baby chlo the other night ;-) that’s a real smile. thx for sharing her @nicoleadrienne_


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Q: indica or sativa




sativa (^.^)

INDICA!!!! pure indica or nah

but I also am down to smoke everything
just happy 2 be high tbh


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god thats magical

you’re magical xxoo

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Q: Last night while me boyfriend ate me out I pictured your face. And that's weird because I've never met you, or have ever liked girls like that.

damn that is the hottest thing anybody ever said to me. been there done that too xoxoxox

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Q: Would u be disgusted by a man wanting to smell your panties?


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don’t sell no mo @nicoleadrienne_

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smoking good, looking good
girlfriend what’s the issue, huh?
got them hooked, take a look
n**** never ever gonna miss you, girl
get it understood, you looking good
mind and your body gotta equal, girl

when your dealer is so sexy…

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Q: Would u be in a relationship with a bi guy?

I don’t intend to formally date anyone for a long time. once I caught an ex bf watching gay porn on my laptop and messaging guys while I was at work and it was a bummer. depends on the guy for sure, who knows. I like to be single

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