Q: Pls go on cam pdev 😘

tomorrow night probably ^_^

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more washington frens coming to visit us ❤️

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wanna see a gory grimy photo of an infected tattoo that may or may not be me 

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this is the weirdest job app i’ve ever filled out

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good rap videos are like porn

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Q: I go to uw with you. Are you not coming back to school this fall? I like seeing your pretty face on campus.

I’m going to finish my degree don’t you worry :-) thank you but it’d be way cooler if you weren’t anonymous

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Q: What kind of work outs do you do to keep your figure so amazing!? What is your diet like? Your body is my dream body any tips you have would be greatly appreciated💕💕💕


I don’t work out
diet consists of mainly of beer breakfast burritos rum sushi potatoes and soup
I take a multivitamin sometimes too

she rite tho

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Q: Do people ever mistake you for a hooker when you're out in public?


no they mistake me for a nun

at first ppl r like hey how much and then they hear us talk and they run screaming

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I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it. Audrey Hepburn 
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